'SCARY': Insane China moment at waterpark stuns millions

China has endured a scorching summer so far this year, with many doing what they can to cool down.

But as a country with a population of 1.4 billion, it's very easy for places to become crowded very quickly.

Remarkable video filmed at the Daqing Heiyu Lake Water Park in Heilongjiang on Saturday shows swimmers equipped with inflatable rings squashed together as passing waves only intensify the extreme squeeze.

While some appear to be enjoying the moment, there is clear discomfort on the faces of many, including children who appear to be struggling with the jostling.

The video has gone viral on Chinese social media for all the wrong reasons. Source: Weibo
The video has gone viral on Chinese social media for all the wrong reasons. Source: Weibo

The video has quickly gone viral on Chinese social media site Weibo, with thousands expressing their disbelief over the situation.

"I feel unsanitary from across the screen," one person wrote.

"I can smell the body odour from here," another claimed.

Another user called the moment "scary".

"Outrageous," another said.

Staff told local media the scenes depicted are common on weekends.

However a staff member told Xiaoxiang Morning News the congregation of so many people may have been down to "negligence" and the park would be monitoring entry numbers to ensure a similar scenario did not occur.

The park has told revellers to avoid the weekends and holidays if they desire an enjoyable experience.

Waterpark hashtag goes viral

The hashtag 'I never want to go to the water park again' with more than 90 million views in the last day began to trend with similar videos being shared.

"There must be someone who can't hold their urine in," one person said.

The video is all the more surprising considering China's relentless Covid-zero strategy. China has struggled to keep a lid on the Omicron variant in recent months with sporadic outbreaks across the country often leaving authorities scrambling to get a ahead of transmission.

In 2020, several water parks in China went viral after allowing thousands to be crammed in to swimming pools despite the rest of the world engulfed in Covid-19 waves.

China's draconian lockdowns in the first few months of the pandemic appeared to eradicate the virus, allowing residents to live with relative freedom.

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