'Outrageous': Tourists swarm famous attraction during holidays

Remarkable video has revealed the moment hundreds of tourists crammed onto the top of one of China's most famous attractions.

Early-morning visitors can be seen wedged in at the peak of Mount Tai in Shandong province, many with cameras stretched out above their heads as they try to capture the sunset early on Monday (local time).

The large swathes of tourists were visiting the World Heritage Site during Qingming Festival, a national holiday in China also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day.

Hundreds of people are seen on top of Mount Tai, China.
Hundreds of tourists squeeze in at Mount Tai to watch the sunrise. Source: Weibo/ Whirlpool Video
Another still showing hordes of tourists at Mount Tai at sunrise.
Some Weibo users have criticised the tourists. Source: Weibo/ Whirlpool Video

And while the country's stringent coronavirus suppression strategy has successfully managed to limit China to sporadic outbreaks, some still voiced their concerns online over the sheer numbers calling the scenes "outrageous" and "ridiculous".

"We are reminded everyday that the pandemic is not over yet we all gather during the holidays... This seems a bit wrong," one person wrote on Twitter-like site Weibo.

"So crowded it's not good news at all for pandemic prevention and safety," another said.

Many lambasted the mountain's administration for allowing so many tourists in.

Others questioned why people would continually visit popular tourist sites after previous media coverage showing they are regularly overcrowded during holidays.

In China's Golden Week last October, millions of tourists flocked to popular sites during the first significant national holiday since the pandemic began.

Video and imagery of the scenes at Mount Tai over the weekend have drawn in more than 14 million views on Weibo.

According to state network CCTV, more than 100 million tourists travelled around the nation during the latest holidays.

Visitors sleep in toilets amid allegations of inflated hotel prices

Mount Tai began to trend on Chinese social media due to the sheer amount of visitors, many claiming they were priced out of accomodation.

Some users claimed they were being quoted 1,200 yuan (A$240) for a hotel room, The Paper reported.

Images began to circulate on Weibo of travellers sleeping in hotel bathrooms while restaurants reportedly rented out single chairs for 20 yuan (A$4).

Officials from the Taishan Scenic Area denied price hiking for the holidays, stating hotel room prices are available prior and rooms could be found for 200 yuan (A$40).

An investigation into such allegations will be carried out, The Global Times reported.

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