China delivers blow to Albanese after 'unacceptable' act

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The fallout from Australia criticising China's Taiwan retaliation continues, with Beijing warning the Albanese government to stop creating "new obstacles" for the badly-damaged relationship between the two countries.

China was incensed when Australia issued a joint statement alongside the US and Japan, condemning its unprecedented military drills surrounding Taiwan.

Beijing has stressed the drills, triggered by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, are justified and help protect the the one-China policy and deter any foreign Taiwan separatists.

Australia's Foreign Minister Penny Wong said in a statement on Friday the response from Beijing was "deeply concerning" and is "disproportionate and destabilising". Cabinet minister Chris Bowen called it "over the top".

albanese china
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin has warned the Albanese government not to follow down the path of the Morrison government. Source: Getty/ FMPRC

But the Chinese Embassy in Canberra hit back saying such remarks are "absolutely unacceptable" and stressed China is in fact the victim.

And on Monday, China's foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin warned the Australian side to "read about the history" of the one-China policy and stressed it will not accept attempts to distort it.

Australia and the US say they stand by the one-China policy which states the democratic sovereign state of Taiwan is part of China, but have both indicated they will not accept President Xi Jinping's attempts to "reunify" the island with military force.

China had seen the Albanese government as an opportunity to reset relations with Australia after a torrid period under former prime minister Scott Morrison.

And while there have been promising signs at times since May's election, the Albanese government has stressed it will not kowtow to Beijing's demands and protecting national sovereignty remains its priority.

Foreign ministry issues lengthy list of demands

As it did over and over again with the Morrison government, the foreign ministry warned Mr Albanese to change his government's ways, suggesting he is heading the way of his predecessor.

"We urge the Australian side to develop a clear understanding of the situation," he told reporters.

"Pursue the right course, respect China’s core interests and major concerns, abide by the one-China principle, observe basic norms governing international relations, stop interfering in China’s internal affairs, stop saying or doing the things that undermine regional peace and stability, refrain from echoing or assisting certain countries’ misguided strategy of using the Taiwan question to contain China, and avoid creating new obstacles for China-Australia ties."

On Friday, Assistant Foreign Minister Hua Chunying suggested Australia's concerns were unwarranted, and said it should shoulder blame for the current situation after failing to dissuade Ms Pelosi from her visit.

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