Scary dashcam video highlights ‘devastating’ problem on Aussie roads

"Confronting" dashcam video is being used as a stark warning about a deadly problem on Australian roads.

The footage shows the driver veer from the Albany Highway southeast of Perth before overcorrecting his vehicle and crossing oncoming traffic before colliding with a tree.

The cause? The 54-year-old had fallen asleep.

"It's very confronting footage and it's a wake up call to all our other road users on WA roads," Detective Snr Sgt Adam Matson said.

The dashcam video is a stark reminder to avoid driving while tired. Source: WA Police
The dashcam video is a stark reminder to avoid driving while tired. Source: WA Police

Thankfully the driver only suffered minor injuries and no one else was involved. But others are not as lucky.

"Fatigue not only impacts on yourself but it also impacts on your passengers and all other road users. If you fall asleep at the wheel and you kill or seriously hurt somebody, the impacts can be devastating."

In the last month, 16 people have lost their lives in fatal traffic crashes in the state, with WA Police issuing a warning to drivers ahead of the festive period.

"Sixteen is way too many," Det Matson said.

He said Australians are particularly at risk of fatigue driving due to the large distances they have to travel between towns and cities.

The key piece of advice from police is simple. If you're feeling tired, pull over and rest.

"Getting there later is better than not getting there at all,"

Up to one in three crashes linked to fatigue

It's believed 20 to 30 per cent of all car crashes in Australia are a result of fatigue, the Australian Automobile Association says.

"Fatigue can reduce attentiveness, slow a driver’s reaction times and affect judgement – all of which can result in catastrophic consequences," it states, pointing out the level of driver is irrelevant when it comes to fatigue.

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