Savage chimpanzee attacks ducklings in Sydney zoo

WARNING, DISTRESSING: Visitors to a Sydney zoo were horrified when a chimpanzee killed seven ducklings that had wandered in from outside.

Footage of the shocking attack at Taronga Zoo, captured on May 19, shows the chimp killing the ducklings with its bare hands.

A chimpanzee was filmed attacking a group of ducklings at Taronga Zoo. Source: Newsflare

The chimp can be seen tossing the tiny ducklings around and jumping aggressively against its enclosure.

The person who filmed the incident reportedly asked a member of Taronga Zoo staff if it was possible to get the ducklings out and was told: “Unfortunately, they aren’t part of our exhibit.”

The ducklings had got into the chimp enclosure from outside the zoo. Source: Newsflare

Taronga Zoo has been contacted for comment.