Out of control garbage truck leaves neighbourhood in chaos

An alleged drunk driver behind the wheel of a garbage truck has left a chaotic mess in a Brooklyn neighbourhood.

The driver, 40, allegedly lost control of the garbage truck crashing into several cars, a street sign and the front of a house on Saturday about 5.30am local time, police told CBS New York.

More than nine cars were damaged in the incident. CCTV shows a white van ending up on top of another car after the collision.

A garbage truck driver has been arrested after it’s alleged he crashed into a number of cars and left serious damage in his wake. Source: CBS New York

It’s alleged the driver ran from the scene after the crash. It’s further alleged he was drunk.

Witness Shane Durando said the man was “completely disoriented” and “he had no idea what he was doing”.

He was chased down by police on foot and tasered. He’s been hit with a number of charges.

It’s alleged the driver also fled the scene of the crash. Source: CBS New York

The man’s employer’s, Viking Sanitation, said in a statement the driver has been suspended pending an investigation.

No one was hurt in the incident.