The reason As, Bs and Os are missing from Australian landmarks

If you’re wondering why letters from some of Australia’s biggest brands and tourist landmarks are vanishing, don’t worry they haven’t been vandalised – but there is a bloody good reason for their disappearance.  

Sydney Opera House, Adelaide Oval and Luna Park are some of the major landmarks around Australia that at first glance look to have fallen victim to vandals or an electrical fault, but the real reason is far less sinister.  

The letters A, B and O, are all used to identify blood types that have vanished from the landmarks in support of International Missing Type Day – a global campaign that aims to raise awareness about the need for more blood donors.

In addition to the landmarks, business including, NAB, Nandos, 13 Cabs, Cancer Council and the RAA have also blacked, hidden or removed the letters and will continue to do so for a large portion of the week.

Luna Park has turned off their ‘A’ lights. Source: Supplied
Sydney Opera House’s welcome sign looks a little different to usual. Source: Supplied
Sydney’s NAB building have also turned off their lights. Source: Supplied
Nando’s have jumped on board the campaign. Source: Supplied

The Red Cross Blood Service’s Missing Type campaign aims to recruit 100,000 new donors over the next 12 months, with 4,000 of those donors needed over the coming fortnight to help address a winter slump in donor numbers.

A Red Cross spokesperson told Yahoo7 News there was an emphasis on the A, B, O and A-B bloody types, but said donations of all types was important.

Blood Service Chief Executive Shelly Park said demand for donated blood was ongoing – and therefore the need for new donors, too.

“We simply couldn’t supply the life-giving blood that we do if it wasn’t for the efforts of our amazing donors,” Ms Park said.

“Through this campaign, it would be wonderful to see more Australians become blood donors, particularly throughout this challenging winter season.

“At some stage, nearly every Australian will be touched by their, or a family’s member’s, need for donated blood. So please, don’t wait: become a donor today.”

Head to Donate Blood to book an appointment or find out how you can help.

Posted by Adelaide Oval on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Our A's have gone missing for a good cause. Here’s a hint: You can help replace what is missing. Stay tuned to find out! #missingtype

Posted by RAA on Thursday, June 7, 2018