Fans angry over ticket delays
Fans angry over ticket delays

Thousands of Adelaide Crows fans have lined up for hours to secure tickets to the first qualifying final against Sydney at AAMI Stadium on Saturday.

Members had the first grab at tickets this morning, but delays had many people angry.

While they were happy to get their hands on tickets, many were frustrated over how long it took to process transactions at the ticket booth.

One punter told 7News: “It’s just ridiculous – three and a half hours for 60 metres in a line up.”

Other members were more irritated they could not choose their seats.

“You can’t pick your own seats…otherwise I probably would have gone online,” one told 7News.

While Ticketmaster didn’t return calls from 7News, Crows coach Brenton Sanderson called for calm from the waiting public.

“Great to see the fans lining up for tickets,” he said.

“I know it’s been a bit slower than what we had hoped as well but we have just got to be patient.”

More delays are expected tomorrow when tickets go on sale to the general public.

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