'Run back bro': Fishermen flee for their lives after croc steals massive catch

This is one that is probably worth letting get away.

A young fisherman has been left running for his life after a four-metre saltwater crocodile decided it wanted a piece of the action.

Darwin anglers Dac and Daniel had just hooked a sizeable barramundi at a Top End billabong and were putting in some work to pull it from a piece of weed it had become jagged on.

“[Daniel] decided to move location on it and sort of hopped around a little bit around the bank, to get a different angle on it,” Dac told ABC’s Tales from the Tinny.

The billabong was the picture of tranquility before the croc decided it was lunchtime. Source: 7News
The four-metre saltie launched a frantic attempt to chase down the sizeable barra. Source: 7News

“He eventually got it free and started slowly bringing it towards him, I think with a bit of weed still tangled up on it.”

What they did not know at this point was they were not the only sets of eyes on the juicy barramundi.

As he attempted to skull drag his catch across the billabong, the croc saw its opportunity and pounced.

“Run back bro, run back!” Dac can be heard telling Daniel.

‘The whole thing’s gone down his gob,” one of the Darwin fishermen is heard saying. Source: 7News

Not going to give up his catch without a fight, Daniel continued to drag the barramundi across the weeds of the billabong until there was simply nowhere else to go.

Eventually, Daniel had to concede, much to the thrill of the croc, which took just seconds to devour the entire thing.

“The whole thing’s gone down his gob,” Dac can be heard yelling.

Describing it as the experience of a lifetime, the pair decided it probably was not worth taking a closer look at their competition and called it a day.

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