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'Rude shock': Officers stunned by strange find in backseat of P-plater's car

NSW police officers pulling over a speeding car had a “rude shock” when they looked in the back of the vehicle.

The P-plater, who police allege was speeding at 139km/h in a 110km/h zone, had three passengers in his car but all were breaking the law.

Officers from the Murray River Highway Patrol found the passengers lying down in the back of the vehicle without seatbelts.

The rear seats were down and an inflatable mattress was wedged between the driver and the passengers.

“The male driver produced a Provisional Victorian licence and offered no explanation in relation to the passengers not wearing their seat belts,” a post on the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Facebook page said.

p plater
Officers found the teens lying in the back with an inflatable mattress between them and the driver. Source: Facebook/Traffic and Highway Patrol Command

All four occupants of the car walked away with fines - the driver for speeding and because his passengers weren’t wearing seatbelts, while the passengers also received individual fines for not wearing seatbelts.

A photo uploaded to Facebook shows the passengers crammed into the boot with only their knees visible.

The image attracted scathing criticism from Facebook users, with one man calling the P-plater’s car a “mobile coffin”.

“And people wonder why the road toll is so high,” another man said.

One woman said the teens’ reckless actions could’ve caused “a very sad Christmas for their families”, while another said she hoped the fine “woke them up”.

"Silly thing to do. At least they are all home alive for Christmas,” she added.

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