Robotic surgery proving successful

It might seem like something from a science fiction movie, but robotic surgery is proving to be a lifesaver for women undergoing gynecological procedures.

While the operating theatre is the same as normal, the big difference is that the doctor controls a robot to perform the surgery.

Associate Professor Martin Oehler from the Robinson Institute is one doctor singing the praises for the machines.

“The robot allows me to operate more precisely than I could with my hands, it allows me to do surgery in a 3D field,” he said.

“(It is an) amazing difference from the past where women had to be in hospital for a week and quite sick and unwell, and had a lot of pain, this has changed significantly.”

Gynecological surgery usually involves large incisions, but with the use of a robot, it only requires tiny ones, allowing the body to heal faster.

Marilyn Jones underwent robotic surgery to treat endometriosis and she was astounded by her speedy recovery.

“I felt great in no time at all and was ready to return to work,” she told 7News.

The risk of complications is much lower in robotic surgery, with less blood loss and less chance of damaging organs like the bladder.

While the Royal Adelaide Hospital is the only hospital in the country currently offering robotic surgery, the technology has proven so successful it is likely to be rolled out across Australia.

For more information, visit the Robinson Institute’s website.