Revolutionary MS treatment

5 April, 2012
Reporter: Rahni Sadler
Producer: Penelope Cross
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It is five years since the Australian queen of rock, Chrissy Amphlett, revealed she had multiple sclerosis, and just a year since she told Sunday Night that she was suffering from breast cancer. This week Sunday Night returns to the story of this remarkable woman as she fights back against one deadly disease and takes aim at another. She tells Rahni Sadler about her revolutionary new treatment for MS. It’s a controversial discovery that could hold the key for thousands of sufferers – so why is it being ignored here in Australia?

Contact information

CCSVI Australia Official Website:,

Details for clinical trial of CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis at The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne:

For further information about CCSVI for people with MS and Medical Practioners:

For further information about the MS Network of Care go to their website.


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