Resident's rant about neighbour's detailed bin instructions backfires: 'You're wrong'

A Tikoker's complaint about her neighbour has left Aussies reeling.

A resident who leaves her wheelie bins out on the kerb every day has copped intense backlash online for her "horrible" language and "entitlement", after aggressively criticising her neighbour who left a note asking for the bins to be brought in.

Sophia, a Tiktoker from the ACT, shared a video on Sunday complaining that the neighbour's request to bring the bins in between collection days was unreasonable.

In the video, Sophia refers to her neighbour as a "stupid f***ing b***h" while revealing the note her neighbour had left on one of the bins. The note in question explains bin etiquette and government recommendations, highlighting one point in particular — "bring your bins in from the kerb as soon as possible after they have been emptied".

Sophia furiously explains in her video that her household leaves out their three bins for a specific reason, and that wheeling in the bins and asking them to do it in future is "embarrassing".

Two images. Left shows the note the neighbour left and right shows the note that Sophia left for the neighbour in the bin.
TikToker shows the note her neighbour left on her bins, as well as her response. Source: Supplied

"We don't like pulling them in because were all autistic and ADHD, so we’ll just forget," she said.

The end of the note from their neighbour includes a link to the ACT's bin assistance application, which is for residents who cannot physically take their bin(s) to the kerbside for collection due to chronic illness, frail age or disability.

People agree with the neighbour, think bins should be taken in

In what may have come as a surprise to Sophia, the large majority of people commenting agreed with the neighbour and thought that she was wrong for leaving her bins out.

"Depending where you are, it can actually be a local law which you can be fined for. Just bring it in," one person responded.

"You’re actually being lazy & entitled. She even put a link at the bottom incase there’s an actual reason you can’t take in your own bin," said another.

Many others were completely horrified at the TikToker's use of language.

"You're in the wrong, even more so for the awful misogynistic language you used," replied one person.

Another commenter said, "She is [being] called horrible slurs and shamed online. So gross!"

Those who were neurodivergent shared just how much they disagreed with Sophia and her reasons for not taking her bins in.

"Hi, fellow AUDHD person here, grow up! Just because things are harder for us doesn’t mean we don’t have to do them," shared one.

Two images. Left shows the three ins stacked into a pyramid shape. Right image shows a street lined with emptied bins after collection.
At the end of the video, Sophia stacked the bins in a pyramid on the side of the road in spite of her neighbour. Source: Supplied / AAP

"We're also an neurodivergent household and bring the bins in on time, they're hazardous to pedestrians, especially disabled ones. Bring them in bestie," said another.

Part of the backlash also came from people concerned about accessibility.

"I’ve got a lil brother in a electric wheelchair full time, bins are a pain for disabled people, it’s dangerous for him to go on the road," one concerned person shared.

Is leaving wheelie bins on the kerb illegal?

In some states and councils, such as in Queensland, you can get fined up to $2500 for leaving your bin out too long after collection day.

Though, in the ACT, where Sophia and her neighbour are located, it's not legislated and does not generally come with a fine — unless the the bins are left in a place that may cause harm or serious safety issues.

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