Bondi resident's furious rubbish bin note: 'Behave or f**k off'

The resident became fed up with the way their neighbours were sorting their rubbish and decided to do something about it.

A resident fed up with their neighbours’ lack of common sense has taken matters into their own hands, writing a furious letter and sticking it to the wall of their building.

The writer expressed frustration over the way other tenants were sorting their rubbish, leading them to pen the hostile note.

“To all the brain dead morons in this building,” the note began, before explaining what rubbish should be placed into each coloured bin.

“Yellow - plastic, glass, empty cans. Blue - paper. Red - rest of rubbish. So please behave or f**k off home to your mother to look after you!!!”

Left: Red lid garbage bins are lined up against a brick wall. Right: The angry note left taped to a wall inside the apartment building.
The note was left in a common area in the Bondi apartment block, urging residents to sort out their rubbish correctly. Source: Facebook

Another resident saw the note and posted a photo of it to a local community Facebook page, saying: “Who’s the Karen who left this note in my building?”

Note divides neighbourhood

The post caught the attention of hundreds of locals – with opinions divided on the contents of the note.

Some thought the letter writer was too aggressive and said being “rude” was not the way to go.

“Joizus. This guy needs a hug or a joint!” one wrote.

“Put the note in the blue bin, obviously,” another quipped.

“Someone is off their meds,” a third added.

But many agreed with the enraged resident, with some even requesting a copy of the note for their own buildings.

“Place this on every unit block,” one man wrote.

“I’m with Karen on this one. And flatten cardboard boxes before throwing them in the bin,” someone else said.

“To be fair someone needs to say it, it makes lives easier if people did things right first time,” another agreed.

One person claimed efforts to separate rubbish into the different bins is a waste of time, saying they’ve seen bin collectors dump “the whole lot” into the truck to take to landfill.

While there's no concrete evidence to suggest this has actually happened in Bondi, similar scenes were caught on camera in the Canterbury-Bankstown area last year, showing both yellow and red bins being emptied into the same garbage truck.

Adding insult to injury, the Mayor of Canterbury-Bankstown revealed that the practice had been going on for more than a decade – sparking a furious response from Australia’s chief recycling body.

Suzanne Toumbourou, chief executive of the Australian Council of Recycling, said the situation was sending “all the wrong messages” to residents, and urged everybody to keep separating waste and recycling.

The council has since said they’ve solved the problem.

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