Resident's horror after severed horse head dumped on Aussie doorstep

Police are investigating the depraved act that has 'shocked' the neighbourhood.

Like a scene out of the Godfather, a South Australian couple were horrified to find a severed horse head on their doorstep on Sunday night.

The depraved act woke the normally quiet Carsten Drive in Murray Bridge, with one neighbour saying, “I hope they get the bastards that done it.”

“I’m shocked to think that’s happened here," another neighbour told The Adelaide Advertiser.

A photo of blood spattered on the front steps of the home on Carsten Drive in Murray Bridge, SA. A photo of police standing at the home where the horse's head was found.
A couple were horrified to find a severed horse head on their doorstep on Carsten Drive in Murray Bridge, South Australia, with police now investigating the incident. Source: 7News/The Advertiser

Police were called to the scene and a spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia what had disrupted the sleepy neighbourhood.

"Murray Bridge Police are investigating after an animal head was found at a Murray Bridge address last night," they said on Monday. "Police have yet to locate the outstanding remains of the animal."

Investigations are continuing and anyone with information is urged to contact police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

'Disgraceful act' leads to crocodile's 'slow and agonising' death

The incident is just the latest involving cruel animal acts, with Queensland rangers investigating the death of a crocodile in Townsville’s Ross River caused by a macabre "poaching" device.

They’re searching for the killer of a 2.6-metre animal they believe was intentionally targeted by poachers in mangroves.

“Disturbingly, wildlife officers found a large hook attached to the wired rope, and they believe the hook was baited in a deliberate attempt to target and kill the crocodile,” Senior Wildlife Officer Tony Frisby at DES said earlier this month.

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