Renowned showjumper's 'whopping' find from inside horse: 'Good lord'

Vicki Wilson's photos have stunned hundreds of people online.

A renown showjumper’s bizarre “find of the week” on her New Zealand property has amazed and surprised hundreds of people online after images of the bulbous rock-like formation went viral.

Vicki Wilson, who is based in Hawke’s Bay on the country’s northern island, posted pictures of the discovery sitting on top of a fence post this week.

“Today’s find of the week! This beauty was recovered from a gelding that has been constantly bucking and kicking out,” she wrote on Facebook. “This bean is sitting on a fence post not a small fence batten!!”

The large horse bean sitting on top of the fence post with a horse in the background.
Showjumper Vicki Wilson was stunned by what her horse had produced. Source: Vicki Wilson/Facebook

Those familiar with horses immediately took to the World Cup showjumper’s post to share their shock over the size of the ‘bean’, while stumped others questioned what they were actually looking at.

When it comes to horses, a bean is a build up of smegma — a waxy substance made up of dirt, skin cells and secretion — in their urethra pocket, Ms Wilson explained. It can be removed safely if a horse is relaxed, she continued, otherwise “a vert can sedate and remove”.

“Ideal time is when they are sedated and teeth are getting done or clipped etc.”

Previously, Queensland vet Tess Salmond told the ABC that such blockages in a horse’s penis can “restrict the outflow of urine”, prompting “a huge medical emergency”.

The large bean.
A bean is a build up of smegma — a waxy substance made up of dirt, skin cells and secretion — in a horse's urethra pocket. Source: Vicki Wilson/Facebook

Horse's bean stuns social media users

The incredible images have attracted over 1,500 likes and hundreds of shares, with many describing the object as “giant”.

“Bean? That’s a boulder!” one woman joked, while another said she couldn’t imagine the relief the horse felt when it came out.

“I bet he feels a whole lot better now. Poor guy, I know he had to be hurting so badly,” someone else added. “I have never seen them that big! Wow!” another woman wrote about the “whopper” find — a sentiment shared by many.

“Good lord that takes the cake” someone said, while others urged horse owners to clean their sheath so such a build up doesn’t occur.

While others spoke for many of us when they expressed horror and surprise that such “a thing existed”.

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