'Disgraceful act' leads to crocodile's 'slow and agonising' death

Authorities are on the hunt for those behind the horror killing.

WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES: “This is a disgraceful act, and the crocodile would have died a slow, agonising death.”

Queensland rangers are investigating a horrific incident involving a macabre "poaching" device that caused the death of a crocodile in Townsville’s Ross River.

They’re searching for the killer of a 2.6-metre animal they believe was intentionally targeted by poachers in mangroves. Details of the discovery are hard to stomach and authorities have warned Queenslanders will not tolerate such cruelty.

Left - the poaching device. Right - the dead crocodile upside down in the mangroves.
The poaching device was found inside the digestive tract of the 2.6 metre crocodile in Townsville. Source: DES

Details of the 'poaching' device explained

Senior Wildlife Officer Tony Frisby said the crocodile was discovered on August 15 at the Barnacle Street boat ramp. “When retrieving the animal, the wildlife officers noted a wired rope around four metres long was hanging out of the crocodile’s jaws, and it had been weighted down with a small rock,” he said.

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) has taken possession of the body, and they removed a wired rope from inside its digestive tract.

“Disturbingly, wildlife officers found a large hook attached to the wired rope, and they believe the hook was baited in a deliberate attempt to target and kill the crocodile,” Mr Frisby said.

“The wired rope was set up in a similar way to devices used by poachers, and wildlife officers are conducting further searchers of the surrounding area for other hook devices.”

Close up of the dead crocodile with the poaching device in front of it.
Anyone with information about the crocodile's death is being urged to contact authorities. Source: DES

Queensland rocked by horrifying crocodile deaths

It’s just the latest in a series of gory incidents involving the deaths of crocodiles in Queensland.

CrimeStoppers is currently offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with information that can help find the killers of crocodiles in Cow Bay and the Daintree River. There’s no information to suggest these deaths are linked to the August 15 Townsville crocodile killing.

You can read details of them below:

Anyone with information about the Townsville incident can contact police or DES on 1300 130 372.

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