Residents baffled by 'crazy' car park scene in Aussie town

Locals couldn't believe the 'entitlement' of the driver after a photo was shared on social media.

maroon Toyota Land Cruiser parked at Chemist Warehouse Murray Bridge, South Australia.
The rogue driver had parked the wrong way across three parking spaces at a shopping village car park in South Australia. Source: Facebook

There's been no shortage of questionable parking jobs spotted by locals across the country, but the latest in a small Aussie town has left residents scratching their heads.

When visiting a public car park in Murray Bridge, a town in South Australia, recently a local man was stumped after noticing a maroon Toyota taking up not one but three parking spaces. Rather than parking front to kerb as the spaces are designed, this driver chose to park across all three, directly outside a Chemist warehouse store.

On either side of the Toyota Land Cruiser, there's a car parked normally, as the spaces are designed — an indication to drivers how to properly park. However, that didn't stop this rogue driver from disobeying with their problematic parking manoeuvre — and it's baffled locals.

"I will just leave this here," said the local man who shared an image on social media on Wednesday. He admitted he'd left before seeing the driver of the car.

maroon Toyota Land Cruiser parked at Chemist Warehouse Murray Bridge, South Australia.
Locals dubbed the parking move 'crazy entitlement'. Source: Facebook

Baffled, one person simply asked, "Why would you just leave your cruiser there?". "That's so good," another shared.

"That's the guy who owns the car park, didn't you know?" another joked in the comments. "Some crazy entitlement in play," someone else said, adding they regularly see some questionable moves in that exact car park.

Another noted the lines separating the spaces have faded and suggested that "something should be done". "Some newly painted angled and disabled car parks is what is needed there," they said.

Earlier this year, Yahoo News Australia spoke to an Aussie man who said he's sick of seeing shocking parking jobs in car parks across the country. So, Ryan O'Daly took matters into his own hands by making the culprits aware of his dismay.

He purchased laminated cards to leave on the windscreens of cars parked inappropriately, which say: "Learn to park. You accidentally parked like an a**hole. Get the help you need before becoming the s**thead everyone hates".

"I see a lot of atrocious parking jobs," he said. "The cards are a light-hearted and humorous way to spread awareness — and they are reusable!"

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