‘Religiously vegetarian’ family accidentally consume meat after botched Domino’s pizza order

A “religiously vegetarian” family have slammed Dominoes for serving them a pizza with meat on it.

Jaideep Saini and his family were eating what they believed to be a vegetarian pizza when they discovered ham in the topping, the New Zealand Herald reports.

“Being religiously vegetarian, my family innocently ate ham in their pizza until I noticed the pizzas were not vegetarian and I stopped them from eating,” the outraged Mr Saini said.

Source: Getty Images

“Very disappointed as our religious values have been hurt by Dominos New Zealand.”

After contacting the New Zealand store, Mr Saini was told it would take at least three days for a refund to process.

The store manager told the disgruntled customer that it was a “really awful” error and said “it might be somebody was careless”.

“If it's a busy time, everybody has to do their job properly... a mistake is a mistake,” Mr Singh told the publication.

A Domino's manager has apologised for 'really awful service' after a family accidentally chowed down on pizzas with meat on them. Source: Supplied

He had not been working on Friday when the incident happened.

The Domino's manager said he would meet with all his staff about the mishap, offering a full refund and to give Mr Singh his order again, free of charge.

"It might be somebody was careless," he told the newspaper.

"I can say that we really apologise, all the Domino's staff apologise, it won't happen again."

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