Airline passenger shames fellow traveller for disgusting behaviour

An aeroplane passenger has been shamed online by a fellow traveller for his apparent lack of in-flight etiquette.

A photo shared to Reddit on November 11 shows litter strewn in the plane's aisle that included a used food tray sitting among the mess.

The picture was captioned: “Man dumps his food into aisle after eating what he wants."

The photo shows litter strewn across the plane's aisle, believed to be from one passenger. Source: Reddit

The post has since been inundated with thousands of comments slating the passenger, claiming the behaviour is well below the standard expected on an aircraft.

"How could he possibly get away with doing that", one comment with over 8000 up votes read.

Other Reddit users were less than impressed with the passenger's behaviour.

"And here I thought the animals had to ride with the cargo," another popular comment said.

The image has since had over 34,200 upvotes while also garnering 5000 likes on Instagram.

The airline and passenger’s name are both unknown.