Man in custody after allegedly dousing Queensland woman in petrol and setting her alight

A Queensland woman is in intensive care after being doused in petrol and set alight by a man she had allegedly met only two weeks earlier.

Sigourney Coles, 28, of Bracken Ridge, was in serious condition after a 27-year-old man allegedly poured petrol over her body and set her alight.

The victim's flatmates were at home when she was attacked.

The man allegedly entered the house through an unlocked back door and doused the victim in flammable liquid while she was lying in bed.

Paramedics work on a woman who was doused in petrol and set alight in her Bracken Ridge home. Source: 7 News
The accused fled the scene, but was found at a Chermside address. Source: 7 News

Ms Coles has sustained serious second-degree burns to her chest and arms.

When paramedics arrived she was in the shower, trying to cool the burns.

When paramedics arrived Ms Coles was in the shower trying to cool her burns. Source: 7 News

"She was alert at that time, but due to the severity of the injuries we had to act quickly to get her to hospital," Neil Pinto from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said.

Ms Coles was taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital, where she is receiving treatment in intensive care.

Police allege that after the attack, the man got into a car and raced off.

A distraught housemate leaves the scene to give evidence to police. Source: 7 News

He was later found at a Chermside address and taken to Princes Charles Hospital for a medical assessment.

The man and woman are believed to be known to each other but only met two weeks ago.

Distraught housemates have given statements to police.

"I just walked outside and she was on fire," one tearful housemate said.

The accused is expected to be charged with attempted murder and torture.

He will spend his night in the police watch house before fronting court on Wednesday morning.