Qantas responds to baffling conspiracy theory

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Qantas has responded to conspiracy theorists who speculated the company had links to centuries-old secret societies.

The rogue theories surfaced on social media following the emergence on Thursday of images of 100 aircrafts parked up at Sydney airport due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Eagle-eyed social media users spotted some peculiar shapes drawn with tape on one of the plane’s engine covers, which featured in Nine’s coverage of the airline’s $2 billion losses for the financial year.

Photo shows parked Qantas plane at Sydney airport with symbols on its engine covers.
Qantas responded to speculation there was a deeper meaning behind these engine covers. Source: Nine News

One cover appeared to feature a symbol with compasses and a square - a sign associated with the Freemasons.

Another was the Eye of the Providence, which is popularly linked with the Illuminati - a conspiracy theorist favourite.

The symbol however, is also used in many religions.

As speculation swirled over a potential secret meaning behind the crafty engine covers, a Qantas spokesperson put the rumours to bed.

“Aircraft engine cover art is a thing. As you can see, the yellow tape can sometimes be used quite creatively,” they told Nine.

“We've obviously got a few engineers who are fans of The Da Vinci Code, but we've asked them to stick to emojis and smiley faces.”

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