Puppy helps fight off deadly tiger snake attacking her friend

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

A cavoodle puppy has helped her friend win a furious battle against a tiger snake after watching the older dog suffer several bites from the deadly serpent.

Radio presenter Stephen Quartermain said he was visiting a Sanctuary Lakes property with his family on Friday afternoon when the pets spotted the snake in the yard.

“My mother-in-law’s dog, a big cavoodle, took on a tiger snake in the backyard and got bitten several times, [and] killed the snake,” the 3AW host told listeners on Monday morning.

A cavoodle took on a tiger snake and won, and is recovering thanks to a shot of anti-venom. Source: 3AW

The nine-month-old puppy, Liberty, jumped in to help her mate and “had a taste of the tiger snake” herself, but she was lucky not to be bitten in the process.

Both dogs ended up at the animal hospital, with the bitten cavoodle saved by a shot of anti-venom, while Quartermain’s puppy received only IV medication.

Quartermain and his family are relieved their dogs are both safe following the ordeal, but the lasting damage came in the form of the vet bills.

He estimated the costs stretched upwards of $3,000 to cover the anti-venom, blood tests for both dogs, IV medication for Liberty and an overnight stay in the animal hospital.

The snake was killed but managed to get a few bites into a cavoodle who is recovering thanks to a shot of anti-venom. Source: 3AW