Protester pours urine on journalist for 'hateful' comments

Natasha Christian

An outspoken libertarian commentator was left ‘covered in urine’ after a shocking end to a fiery feud with anti-fascist activists.

Lauren Southern, 20, was interviewing women from the protest group last week, when they disagreed on the topic of gender.

Ms Southern, along with her Rebel Media cameraman, met with the group on the street and sparked debate about anti-rape culture and gender identities.

She insisted to the group that there were only two genders – male and female.

Footage shows this annoyed the activists, who then accused her of being ‘hateful’ and ‘transphobic’.

Their heat fuelled debate raged for just over ten minutes, as the group went back and forward with Ms Southern sharing their opinions.

The argument concluded when a protester snuck up behind Ms Southern and poured a bottle of liquid on her head.

It’s believed the bottle was filled with urine.

A scuffle then erupted as two men tried to restrain the protester, who later fled the scene.

Remarkably, Ms Southern continued her broadcast, undeterred by the attack.

When later questioned by local media, Ms Southern said she didn’t want to be seen as a victim, and was in two minds about pressing charges.

Ms Southern hours before the attack. Photo: Twitter

Police reportedly contacted her about pressing charges.

She has since noted the irony of anti-fascists ‘trying to shut down political speech with violence’.

It's believed the bottle contained urine. Photo: YouTube

Ms Southern, a student, as gained a reputation for her outspoken views.

One of her videos explaining why she isn’t a feminist has been seen by more than 800,000 times.

Ms Southern took to Twitter to share a photo of her after the incident. Photo: Twitter

Recently she had been at the forefront of free speech battles in Canada, championing the cause of Gregory Alan Elliot, an artist who faced a long battle to avoid jail after he was put on trial for criminal harassment.

The alleged harassment turned out to be tweeted criticism of feminist activism.