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Powerball draw 1389: THREE winners split $100 million jackpot

Imagine starting the new year as a multi-millionaire! For three Australians, this dream has just become a reality.

Three lucky Australians are about to enter the new year as newly-minted multi-millionaires after tonight’s $100 million Powerball.

The jackpot soared to the staggering total after the last four draws failed to produce a division one winner.

That all changed though with Powerball’s final draw of the year, with three winning tickets splitting the $100m prize pool – each claiming $33,333,333.34.

The numbers needed to clinch the win in draw 1389 were: 9, 26, 4, 23, 22, 6 and 24, with the Powerball coming in at number 18.

Further details about the winners are so far unknown, except that two of the tickets were purchased in NSW/ACT.

A person holding a Powerball ticket.
The Powerball jackpot jacked up to $100 million after the last four draws failed to draw in a division one winner. Source: The Lott (The Lott)

Powerball on winning streak in 2022

The last Powerball of the year is the third biggest jackpot offered by any Aussie lottery game this year, while it’s the fifth biggest jackpot in Australian lottery history.

“If just one person scores the entire $100 million prize, they’ll also be crowned the second biggest Australian lottery winner in history,” The Lott spokesperson Matt Hart said, as other large jackpots have been split between multiple winners.

Powerball has been on a winning streak this year, with more division one wins in 2022 than during each of the past five years. Ahead of Thursday night’s game, 19 division one victors had racked up a combined prize pool of $644 million. 11 of those had been in New South Wales with four in Victoria, two in Western Australia, and one each in Queensland and South Australia.

When it comes to lucky numbers, some have stood the test of time. Frequently drawn numbers include 17, 7, 2 and 9 while 33, 31, 34 and 15 are the least likely to get picked. From the separate Powerball barrel, the most common number is 19, while the least frequent numbers are 16 and 14.

A Powerball ticket being held in front of a pool.
The Lott revealed that the state with the most division one winners in 2022 is New South Wales. Source: The Lott (The Lott)

Four day search for last month’s winner

It’s unclear if officials at The Lott have been able to speak to the winners to reveal the exciting news – and it’s possible the new millionaires have no idea of their incredible windfall.

In November, the $50m Powerball winner took four days to come forward.

After plenty of unanswered calls from officials, the sole victor stepped up, confessing that they were still struggling to come to terms with their newfound fortune.

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