'Unhinged' notes found on Sydney man's motorbike: 'Absolute idiot'

A Sydney man was shocked to find his motorbike had been subjected to a bizarre display of post-it notes, each showcasing an abusive message penned in red ink.

Sam Woodcock said he parked the vehicle at a car park in Elizabeth Bay in Sydney where he lives, but when he returned, it was covered in yellow sticky notes.

Messages include "this is not a bike park" and "have some respect for your neighbours," but others were far more aggressive.

Motorbike parked with post-it notes Sydney
The Sydney man returned to his motorbike to find it covered in abusive messages written on Post-It notes. Source: Facebook

"Next time I'm going to knock your bike over and punch you in the face," one said which left a "shocked" Mr Woodcock "concerned" and confused.

A video shared with Yahoo News Australia shows a sign where Mr Woodcock had parked that clearly shows he is parked in a motorbikes-only parking space.

"Some absolute idiot has put this on my bike," Mr Woodcock in the video. "What an absolute tit."

The Sydney resident admitted to Yahoo News Australia he has "no idea who did it".

"Maybe it was someone who hates bikes," he said. "I don't have any enemies that I know of. I assume it’s a resident close by."

Locals mock 'unhinged' resident

Locals in the community Facebook group who saw the video began guessing who it could have been, but many agreed the offender was "unhinged".

"There seems to be an unhinged note writer on Ithaca Rd - I’ve seen a few lately," one wrote, implying it's not the first time a vehicle has been ambushed by sticky notes.

"What a nutter!! That is such a display of aggression and a threat of violence," another said.

While others couldn't help but acknowledge the offender's commitment and dedication.

"They may be a nutcase but I quite like the composition of the work," one said.

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