Police warn drivers as crates of milk left on Aussie road

The mystery driver didn't stick around, leaving behind a milky mess for Adelaide authorities.

There's no point crying over spilt milk police learned this morning as they were made to clear 19 crates of it off a busy road in South Australia.

Locals were urged to "take care" while driving through the area after the mammoth load fell off a truck travelling through the busy Britannia roundabout in Adelaide. But authorities will be searching 'til the cows come home for the unknown driver who somehow "didn't stop" following the incident.

Photos shared by Adelaide Police show close to two dozen black crates filled with various types of milk accumulated on the side of the road near what was once dubbed "Adelaide's worst intersection". There also appears to be juice and other refrigerated items. Police were left to moooove the spilt cargo from the roundabout after it fell and smashed at around 6am, a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

Black crates filled with filled on side of the road at Britannia roundabout in Adelaide
Not your typical road hazard this morning. Source: South Australia Police

Unfortunately there are no details of the culprit who drove off in the early hours of Friday, police said. But whoever they are, there's no doubt they'll be buttering someone up to apologise for their costly mistake.

Given the early hour, there were "only very minor delays", SA Police told Yahoo. "Police were able to pick up the crates and milk bottles and move them off the road".

Britannia roundabout  in Adelaide.
Britannia roundabout was once dubbed the 'worst intersection in Adelaide'. Source: Google Images

Alerting locals to the incident, South Australia Police posted photos of the aftermath to X, formally Twitter, warning residents to "please take care if driving through the area". It's understood there are no further delays in the area but some drivers will no doubt be keen to milk it for all it's worth as an excuse for rocking up to work a little late this morning.

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