Highway turns pink after stomach-turning spill

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A highway in South East Queensland has left drivers “fowl” after a truck lost its load.

The RACQ shared photos of the “offal” incident on Monday at the intersection of Mt Lindesay Highway and Camp Cable Road at Jimboomba.

The road and part of the truck were left covered in a thick layer of chicken guts.

The driver of the truck was hospitalised in a stable condition, according to Queensland Ambulance.

The RACQ also warned the road might be slippery, and firefighters were called in to clean it up.

Chicken guts seen at the intersection Mt Lindesay Highway and Camp Cable Road at Jimboomba.
A truck lost its chicken guts at the intersection at Mt Lindesay Highway and Camp Cable Road at Jimboomba. Source: Kelly Ratallack via RACQ

Mike, who was passing by, told the ABC there were “pools” of chicken guts on the road.

"It's been there baking in the sun all day,” he told the ABC.

Steve, a contractor who cleans up similar messes, told the ABC he was relieved he didn’t get called in.

Witness Kelly Ratallack, who also took the photos, told The Courier-Mail “it’s horrendous and hilarious at the same time”.

A truck seen covered in chicken guts at the intersection Mt Lindesay Highway and Camp Cable Road at Jimboomba.
It's hard to envy whoever had to clean this up. Source: Kelly Ratallack via RACQ

On Twitter, people offered up some alternative cleaning options.

“Where are the seagulls when you need them?” one man tweeted.

Another man tweeted that the “local dogs” would make sure the mess is gone “very quickly”.

Curious koala causes pile up

In February, a curious koala caused havoc after crossing lanes on Adelaide’s South Eastern Freeway at Crafers.

A man stopped to try and help the marsupial, but while doing so another car crashed into his.

Nadia Tugwell told The Guardian she was behind the traffic and couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about until she saw the koala scamper onto a concrete barrier in the middle of the road.

“The koala was just cute … sort of stomping between the cars and the barrier,” she told The Guardian.

“Then I saw a lady running behind it, trying to catch it with a blanket or something.”

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