Horrifying moment truck's loose concrete load crushes vehicle

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A driver has had a miraculous escape when a truck’s falling load crushed his small vehicle.

Heart-stopping dashcam footage captured the moment the truck’s load containing several concrete slabs slid off the back of the truck when it was forced to brake heavily at an intersection.

The heavy load completely flattens the small motorised trike to its right as the slabs spill onto the road.

The truck's load flattened the small vehicle in Zhangjiajie. source: Whirlpool Video
The truck's load flattened the small vehicle in Zhangjiajie, China. source: Whirlpool Video

The incident, in the tourist city of Zhangjiajie in central China, occurred on Wednesday and remarkably the male driver escaped death and was taken to hospital with injuries after initially trapping his lower body, the Zhangjiajie Daily reported.

Images uploaded on Chinese social media show rescue workers freeing the driver from his vehicle’s front cabin.

While the incident remains under investigation, the remarkable close shave appears to have occurred due to a failure in traffic signals which triggered a flashing amber light informing drivers to proceed with caution.

As the flow of traffic approaches the junction in the video, a bus heading in the opposite direction can be seen cutting across the traffic to turn left.

The driver was pulled from his vehicle by rescue workers. Source: Weibo
The driver was pulled from his vehicle by rescue workers. Source: Weibo

Many social media users were in disbelief as to how the man managed to survive while others blamed the truck driver for not securing the load properly.

A taxi was also damaged in the incident.

The city is famous for its surrounding natural beauty, with its mountainous areas used as inspiration for blockbuster movie Avatar.

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