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Why a restaurant's 'disgusting' sign is provoking anger online

A restaurant has been forced to apologise after a photo of its ‘vulgar’ toilet sign went viral.

The red neon sign depicts the male toilet logo peering over a dividing line at the female logo and has since been removed after widespread backlash, Chinese publication The Paper reported.

The restaurant, Fast Cantonese Cuisine Bistro in Shanghai, has since issued a public apology online saying it failed to consider the impacts of such a sign on its customers or employees.

The restroom sign has caused anger online. Source: Weibo
The restroom sign has caused anger online. Source: Weibo

Screenshots of an employee group chat revealing workers’ concerns about the sign also emerged online.

When expressing their discomfort, their employer replied: “This is a kind of humour, don’t you understand it?”

The response prompted a wave of anger on Chinese social media site Weibo, many lambasting the company for encouraging sexual harassment.

“This materialises women, we need a society where men and women are equal,” one person wrote.

“Vulgar,” another user said.

“Treating vulgarity as humour is disgusting,” another said.

There was also concern from users that the sign insinuated all men were prone to such behaviour depicted in the sign.

“This kind of picture assumes that men are all voyeurs,” one person said.

The restaurant has since received a wave of bad reviews online.

The image prompted more than a million discussions on Weibo.

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