Police smash windows in frantic bid to save boy accidentally locked inside car

Simon Love

Gold Coast Police have had to smash the window of a four wheel drive to save a four-year-old boy who was locked inside.

His mum says the BMW automatically locked when she left the key inside as she was about to take her child to lunch.

The pre-schooler had been locked inside for nearly 20 minutes with the sunshade half open.

Police used wires - and their elbows - to get into the locked car. Source: 7 News

As the boy's mother peers in, a senior constable tries to unlock the car.

Police used wire with a porcelain tip to shatter the brand new BMW's windows.

As the door opens, the boy cries out for his mum.

The boy can be heard calling 'Mum!' as the doors open. Source: 7 News

He's then unclipped, retrieved and released.

"You're really dicing with seconds and minutes here," RACQ's Lauren Ritchie said.

RACQ's Lauren Ritchie said every second counts. Source: 7 News

Paramedics assessed the child, who was physically fine.

In Melbourne, an eight-year-old wasn't so lucky.

The boy was unharmed. Source: 7 News

He hid during the school drop-off, was trapped in the car while his mum was at work, and was found unconscious.

He's now in a serious condition in hospital.

In Melbourne, a boy is in serious condition in hospital after he was found unconscious inside a car. Source: 7 News

The temperature inside a car can be up to 40 degrees warmer than outside.

The advice for drivers is to always keep your keys on you.

"Every moment that a child is left in a warm car can cause serious internal injury and potentially death," Lauren Ritchie said.