Police officer resigns after public sex video emerges

A police officer has resigned after a TikTok video allegedly exposed him having sex in public while on the job.

Earlier in March, a video was shared to TikTok that purports to show a police officer having sex with a woman behind a vehicle.

"Police caught on cam," the caption said.

The video was filmed from a high vantage point and the person who posted the video was apparently a tower climber.

The video was viewed over 10 million times, though people were initially sceptical about what was happening in the video.

After the video went viral, a police officer from Millen from the state of Georgia resigned.

Police Chief Dwayne Herrington told local news station WRDW he was aware of the video and said he intended to meet with one officer, Larry “Ben” Thompson, on Monday afternoon.

A police officer from Georgia resigned after a video showing a police officer having sex in public went viral. Source: TikTok/318dillydilly
A police officer from Georgia resigned after a video allegedly showed him having sex in public. Source: TikTok/318dillydilly

However, Thompson reportedly resigned before the meeting.

In his letter of resignation, Thompson did not say why he was resigning and added he enjoyed his time with the city, WRDW reported.

Following the news of Thompson's resignation, his record as a police officer was detailed by WRDW.

In 2017, Thompson accidentally shot a colleague in the arm and claimed his gun malfunctioned while cleaning it. However, the investigation found the gun did not malfunction.

“This is not an excuse to be accepted; only a reflection after the fact,” the criminal investigative division wrote in the report, according to the Daily Beast.

“Though it is referred to as an ‘accidental discharge,’ essentially it is a ‘negligent discharge.’”

One of the incidents was from 2019 when Thompson allegedly killed a 76-year-old driver when he T-boned his car while responding to a call. He was reportedly promoted a year later.

In 2021, a woman Thompson previously had a relationship with told police he was harassing her.

The former police officer admitted to running her tags to get the woman's new address.

He was suspended for two days without pay and forced to complete security awareness training, WRDW reported.

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