Kmart confessions: Surprise reasons for 1am store visits

A TikToker who headed to his local 24-hour Kmart to ask customers why they're shopping at 1am has been met with some surprising answers.

“What made you come to Kmart at one in the morning?” reads the caption of the man's video.

It’s a question many Aussies were clearly keen to have answered as the clip has already clocked up 2 million views, 329,200 likes and more than 1,000 comments from intrigued TikTok users.

Kmart shoppers in stills from TikTok
Kmart customers have revealed a range of reasons for shopping in the middle of the night. Source: TikTok/@notbadenuf

The viral video begins with the TikTok user asking a male customer why he is shopping at such an unusual time.

“I gotta buy a microwave because mine just blew up,” laughs the man.

“I was just cooking a frozen meal, because my wife’s gone away on holidays and I don’t know how to cook,” he added.

Up next is a man who says he is in dire need of clothes as he doesn't have a permanent home.

“I’m sort of in-between places at the moment and don’t have any clean clothes and I’ve been working stupid hours, so here we are,” he explained, realising it’s 1.20am.

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The final Kmart shopper in the video is a woman who says she decided to visit the retailer during the early hours of the morning as she needed furniture.

“I just had to come over here to buy some furniture. It sounds weird though,” she laughs awkwardly.

She then poses the same question to the interviewer: “What made you come to Kmart at one?”

“I’m making a video,” they responded.

Kmart shoppers share their own reasons for shopping late

Although many people may wonder why anyone would forfeit sleep to visit Kmart after midnight, many shoppers said they “love shopping late” as they can avoid the crowds.

“Honestly I love shopping late at night, it's so much less stressful,” commented one shopper.

“I go because there isn’t much people around. No kids running, crying, screaming. No waiting in lines. No chaos. And also, not bumping into randoms,” explained a second.

Kmart 24-hour store parking lot
Dozens of Kmart shoppers shared that they "love shopping late" as they can avoid crowds. Source: Getty

A third wrote: “Shops should be open all night. That’s when it’s best to go out. It’s quiet, peaceful, and there’s no traffic!”

While another shopper confessed they found the video “oddly comforting” as it was the “most human thing” clip they had seen in a while.

However a majority of the comments were praising the “sweet” girl at the end of the video for flipping the script on the interviewer and asking why he was there.

“Last girl played a Uno reverse card,” joked a TikTok user.

Follow-up TikTok reveals bizarre reasons shoppers visit Kmart after midnight

In a follow-up video, the TikToker visits Kmart at 1am to ask various customers the same question.

This time around, shoppers revealed they planned to “grab a tent”, buy some “green colours” for a school carnival and one man revealed he snuck out to Kmart to grab some fishing supplies for a camping trip on Sunday.

“If my wife knew what I was buying she would say, ‘Are you crazy? The house is full of stuff for fishing’,” laughed the man about his covert shopping trip.

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