'Worth it': Moment Aussie man caught Covid captured in wild TV scene

The moment a man potentially caught Covid-19 was captured on camera and viewed by more than 600,000 Australians on live television.

On Friday night, thousands of AFL fans flocked to the SCG for the clash between the Sydney Swans and Geelong and to see Buddy Franklin kick his 1000th career goal.

It was a spectacular moment for Franklin, who became just the sixth VFL/AFL player to reach 1000 career goals.

After the milestone goal, fans swarmed the field, resulting in the match being stopped for over 30 minutes.

Pictured is the scenes at the AFL on Friday after Buddy Franklin's 1000th career goal and a positive Covid test.
A TikToker shared their positive Covid result days after going to the Sydney Swans/Geelong clash. Source: TikTok/samrayner

People joked about punters getting Covid amid the excitement, however, at least for one person there, they actually may have caught Covid that night.

In a video shared to TikTok, a man showed off his positive Covid test before cutting to footage of people running onto the field after Franklin's 1000th goal.

Despite the result, he didn't seem too bitter about it.

"Worth it," he wrote in the caption.

Lance 'Buddy' Franklin was surrounded by fans after kicking his 1000th goal during the Round 2 AFL match. Source: AAP
Lance 'Buddy' Franklin was surrounded by fans after kicking his 1000th goal during the Round 2 AFL match. Source: AAP

More than 500 comments flooded the post, with some pointing out the wild scenes on the field may not have been the exact moment he caught the virus.

"Totally got it from running on the field, not sitting in the crowd or going to buy food or alcohol or [going to the] toilet or if you got public transport in," someone said sarcastically in the comments.

However, there is a good chance he did get it at the game, as the video was shared on Monday, just days after the match, which the Sydney Swans ended up winning.

In NSW, there were 21,494 Covid cases reported on Tuesday and nine Covid-related deaths.

Of the deaths was a person aged in their 30s, three people in their 60s and two people in their 70s, two in their 80s and one person aged in their 90s.

Across the state there are 1283 people in hospital with Covid, including 53 people who are in intensive care. Eighteen of them require ventilation.

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