Plane passenger's 'disgusting' mid-air act splits travellers

The passenger has raised eyebrows by putting her feet up despite an abundance of leg room.

A Fiji Airways passenger's mid-air act has caused a stir online after a fellow flyer called out her behaviour. In an unexpected twist, however, plenty of travellers have jumped to the woman's defence.

The passenger was photographed on a recent flight with just the lower half of her body seen extending from behind the partition of a business class seat. Instead of remaining upright in her chair, however, the woman is reclining with her feet perched up next to the TV screen in front of her.

Plane passenger with her feet perched next to TV screen
A plane passenger has divided opinion with her choice of foot rest. Source: Facebook/K. Rebecca

"Keeping it classy from Sydney to Nadi today on Air Fiji," the passenger who took the photo wrote on Facebook. The post has since racked up more than 1,200 reactions and more than 870 comments, with many describing the "self-entitled idiot's" act as "disrespectful" and "crude".

"Disgusting attitude, shoes on the furniture," one user responded, and another argued that "Cabin crew really need to be telling those slobs to knock it off".

'Stop shaming people'

While some questioned how the position would be comfortable, others claimed it's often recommended by doctors for certain health issues such as blood circulation and back pain. "Some people suffer swollen legs, maybe she is trying to avoid risks," suggested one observer.

"As long as they ain't in my face, I couldn't care," a defender wrote of the woman's raised feet, while many attacked the photographer and called on others to "stop shaming people".

"Judging other people who aren't bothering you is not classy either," one response said. "She looks comfortable. She isn't bothering anyone. So who cares? The only one not classy here is you invading her privacy."

Passenger shaming has grown in recent years, with social media accounts popping up specifically to call out poor behaviour. The worst offenders, it seems, are those who bare their soles. In one such incident that made waves last year, the internet was outraged by a photo of a man's dirty feet resting on the armrest of the seat in front.

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