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Perth woman claims she found mouse poo in McDonald's meal

A Perth woman has claimed she found mouse poo in her McDonald's meal, calling out the fast food chain over the "disgusting" incident.

Hannah Whittome has recounted the unpleasant experience on TikTok in a video that has racked up tens of thousands of views and led to a number of McDonald's employees speaking out about their own experiences.

"We got our food and I was eating when I realised – I was almost done – that there was mouse poo in my food.

"Obviously I was not very happy. It's not something you want in your lunch. It's disgusting," she said.

She decided to return to the store and spoke with the manager and showed her photos. She later posted an image to TikTok which appears to show the remnants on what looks like it could be mouse poo on the inside of the food packaging.

The McDonald's customer (pictured) said she lodged a complaint with the fast food outlet and the health department.
The Macca's customer said she lodged a complaint with the fast food outlet and the health department. Source: TikTok

After being "kind of fobbed off" by the manager, the young woman said she contacted McDonald's with a formal complaint before telling the company she would go to social media.

Hannah admitted there were obviously "more important things in the world" but thought she should share her experience, adding that she believed it happened in the fast food industry more than people know.

"The mouse poo might've (just) been in the box, it might not've been in the food. But it was still there. It still touched it," she lamented.

In a follow-up video, Ms Whittome said she contacted the state health department to also lodge a complaint.

"As someone who used to work at maccas, please keep calling the health department," one TikTok user commented.

"All the packaging would be stored somewhere out the back, mice would probably walk over the stuff," another hypothesised.

Another person claiming to work for a McDonald's store said they had a similar problem recently.

"I’m a manager at a McDonalds and we recently had a problem with foreign objects in food (I won’t disclose what)," he commented.

McDonald's responds to poo complaint

In a statement provided to Yahoo News Australia, McDonald's said it was aware of the complaint and was working with the restaurant in question to investigate.

"McDonald’s takes food and drink safety extremely seriously. Our restaurants follow strict cleaning, sanitisation, quality control and hygiene procedures, at all times," a company spokesperson said.

"We have spoken with the customer to express our disappointment with her experience and to offer vouchers for future visits. We are working with the restaurant to investigate this further."

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