Three boys charged over alleged knife wielding dirt bike rampage at junior soccer game

Three young Perth boys have been charged with aggravated armed robbery after they allegedly terrorised a junior soccer field, armed with a large kitchen knife in Armadale on Sunday.

Young children were left diving for safety as parents tried desperately to shield their children while the three boys, carved their way through Morgan Park.

Police allege that the boys stole a handbag from a 59-year-old mother as she sat on the sidelines as she watched her son play soccer.

So traumatised by the ordeal, she suffered a panic attack moments later.

Parents rushed to protect their children from the terrifying dirtbike encounter. Source: 7 News

“[It was] dangerous for me and the rest of the people,” the distressed mother said of the ordeal.

Terrified children were forced to jump for safety, as the boys who weren’t much older, wreaked havoc.

“They did a few laps around the oval, they scared quite a lot of parents, even parents and obviously the old lady,” concerned parent Mark Berry told 7 News.

Two of the boys were allegedly wielding knives as they wreaked havoc around Morgan Park. Source: 7 News

As the boys made a desperate dash for freedom, parents blocked the exit from Morgan Park, however they still managed to escape.

Moments later, police arrested three boys at a nearby home.