Passing passenger scoops up toddler who rolled from a moving car in heavy traffic

Dashcam footage reveals the shocking moment a toddler rolled from the back of a moving car in heavy traffic and was rescued by a passing passenger.

The incident took place near a highway in China when the boy's grandfather, identified as Yang Defu, stopped at a set of lights in a silver wagon.

The car took off as his grandson rolled out of the car onto the busy road.

The grandfather's car boot flew open just as the toddler managed to crawl through to the back seat. Photo: People's Daily

Picking himself up and unsure of what to do, the toddler starts to run after the vehicle before slowing to a stop.

Fortunately the car recording the moment slowly drives up behind the toddler before the passenger jumped out to scoop him up.

The Good Samaratin chases the car down and returns the toddler back to his grandfather who then explained that his boot door had been damaged in a previous crash and is known to fly open, People's Daily China reported.

Bystanders watch the grandfather run over to the car and hug his grandson, thanking the man in an emotional reunion.

Luckily, the young boy was not injured.

The toddler can be seen running after the vehicle before a passengers from a nearby car scoops up the child. Photo: People's Daily
The grandfather ran over to the passenger who saved the toddler's life and thanked him. Photo: People's Daily

“I was waiting at the red light. After passing the intersection a car chased after me and kept sounding the horn,” the grandfather told local media.

“The driver told me a kid fell out of my van.

“I looked back, parked my van aside and went back to search for my grandson.”

It is believed the toddler climbed over the back seat and into the boot of the car, before rolling out on to the road.

The seven-second footage was captured on dashcam on February 27 in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

This is not the first time a Good Samaritan has rescued a child under shocking circumstances.

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