Passenger’s shock delivery after airline ‘destroys’ her suitcase

A month after lodging a complaint for a damaged suitcase a woman was stunned by what the airline sent her.

A woman who waited for over a month for an airline to process a damaged suitcase claim was gobsmacked when the response arrived in the form of 13 boxes.

"Delta destroyed my suitcase. I filed a claim, they agreed to replace it. I got a notification that I got some packages," Giséle Rochefort told viewers on Tiktok.

"I think they made a mistake!"

A photo of the cardboard boxes in her Jeep. A photo of them at her Airbnb.
A woman had her suitcase ruined on a Delta airlines flight, which the airline accidentally compensated for by giving her 13 new suitcases. TikTok/gisele_rochefort

She unveiled the contents of the boxes in the video to reveal 13 Ricardo Beverly Hills bags.

"I was crying laughing, it felt like an April fools prank," the healthcare worker said.

She said in the comments the claim for a replacement took a month to be processed, before she was notified about the suitcases, having to pick them up and drive them to where she was staying.

"Apology accepted. They’ve got my loyalty," she joked.

Ms Rochefort's video received 1.1 million views, with many being flabbergasted at the airline's supposed generosity.

A photo of a woman's ruined suitcase from a Delta airlines flight. A photo of the 12 extra suitcases that were delivered.
The woman was surprised to receive such a large amount of suitcases from Delta after filing a claim to have her one bag replaced. Source: TikTok/gisele_rochefort

"All your holiday presents for this year," one person said.

"This is the kind of apologies I need. Excessive ones," another said.

"Maybe they’re just prepaying for the next time they damage your bag," a third person joked. To which Ms Rochefort replied with, "Perhaps they are. Either way, well played."

In the comments, the healthcare worker revealed she ended up returning the 12 extra suitcases before posting the video because she "felt guilty".

Qantas baggage handler stood down over tarmac act

A Qantas baggage handler in Western Australia was filmed forcefully throwing suitcases onto a trolley, as outraged customers watched on from the plane, calling the act "disgraceful".

"So this is how your luggage gets handled [by] Qantas in Karratha," one man fumed on Facebook after sharing the video. "Someone’s taking their anger out on everyone’s belongings," said another.

The handler has was stood down after the footage emerged online at the end of last year.

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