Airline slammed after destroying woman's luggage: 'Completely shredded'

A woman was shocked to find her missing luggage destroyed and has claimed Delta Airlines was responsible for ruining her belongings.

Passenger Emilie Hofferber, who goes by @moosechildd on Twitter, flew the American-based airline last week, but wasn't too pleased when she retrieved her luggage which looks to have been "shredded."

"What the f*** Delta?" she tweeted on Wednesday with pictures showing the bag appearing to be destroyed.

Destroyed luggage from a Delta Airlines flight at an airport.
After claiming her luggage from Delta Airlines, the passenger noticed it had been destroyed with her contents falling out. Source: Twitter/@moosechildd

The suitcase appears to be missing two wheels, with the others are banged up. The bag itself looks to be torn and ripped all over leaving her clothes and belongings falling out.

Explaining what happened, the traveller said her first bag "came out immediately" but she waited for her second bag at the pick-up for some time.

"I went in the office and they looked it up said 'it’s here just wait' and then an hour passed, and I went back and they were like OHHHH yeah your bag is a lil damaged," she claimed.

Ms Hofferber claimed that she attempted to contact the airline but said "Delta still has not replied to me or returned my calls, so I’m still waiting to get this sorted."

But she was allegedly told by an airline representative at the airport that it often takes "10-14 days to receive a reimbursement check by mail."

Social media outrage: 'How does this happen?'

Her tweet has since garnered thousands of shares and replies from people who are just as shocked by the state of her bag.

But dozens questioned how it was even possible for her luggage to end up the way it did.

"Was it handled by T-Rex?" one person joked.

Left: A Delta Airlines jet, and right the woman's destroyed luggage. Source: Getty/Twitter/@moosechildd
The passenger claims she's yet to hear from Delta Airlines regarding compensation. Source: Getty/Twitter/@moosechildd

"I mean did they feed it to sharks or a bear. Because how in the hell does that happen," said another.

Others suggested it looks like it got "shredded in a baggage system conveyor belt".

"The baggage conveyor belts that move the luggage around generally work well, but they're still industrial equipment," one pointed out. "Looks like somehow the bag got caught in one of the machines."

Others slammed the airline saying what happened was "unacceptable," while another called on Delta to "up their game."

Ms Hofferber swore she'd never fly with Delta again, saying she's "appalled" by how bad the customer service is.

"It's truly simple, cut people checks and get their stuff sorted. Why delay so hard?" she tweeted.

"Literally not flying Delta again because I keep hearing horror stories about how long everything is taking to get resolved."

A Delta spokesperson told The New York Post the incident was a "rare occurrence" and claimed they've "been in contact with the customer to offer compensation."

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