EasyJet passenger's ridiculous baggage act in front of laughing airport

A passenger determined to board a plane with his carry-on luggage did absolutely everything he could to make sure his bag fit the requirements.

In the now-viral TikTok, a man is seen trying to jam his bag into the contraption used to make sure all bags fit easyJet's requirements.

The bag seems to be just slightly too big, so the man uses all his might to press the bag down.

A staff member is seen hovering nearby and appears to say something about the carry-on luggage not fitting, so the passenger tries again to get the bag in the frame.

Pictured is the easyJet passenger struggling with his carry-on
The easyJet passenger was determined to make sure his carry-on luggage was within the airline's requirements, much to the enjoyment of everyone at the airport. Source: TikTok/hotasfo_o

He kicks the bag, trying to smush it in just a little further, before once again pushing it down with his hands.

Everyone else at the airport was clearly enjoying the show, with cackles heard throughout the 56-second video. At one point someone is heard questioning how the man will get his bag out.

In the end, the staff member seems to be content that the bag does fit the budget airline's requirements, so the passenger goes to retrieve it.

The frame, which essentially measures a bag's size, sways as he struggles to pull it out.

Man's fate unknown after bag struggle

"He’s going to miss his flight trying to get that out," someone said in the video's comments. The footage cuts off before we see if the man remove his bag. It's unclear if he missed his flight.

There was a legitimate concern for the man's items in his bag, with one person thinking his body wash could have erupted and ruined his clothes.

One person had an inkling that the staff member was fine with the man's bag from the start, but wanted to see the lengths he would go to.

Meeting carry-on size requirements is a struggle many people know all too well.

Recently, a man decided to snap his skateboard in half instead of paying a fee because his board was larger than the airline's requirements.

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