P-plater concerned about passenger rule loses licence in 'costly lesson'

In NSW, it's illegal for P1 drivers to travel more than 90kph, but another broken rule cost him a six month driving ban.

A split image of the P-plater being pulled over for speeding and a NSW Highway Patrol car.
A P-plater has lost his licence and police weren't accepting his excuse as to why he was in a hurry. Source: NSW Police

A P-plater has lost his licence after he was allegedly caught speeding more than 60 kilometres an hour above the legal limit, telling officers he was travelling fast in a bid to return his friends home before their curfew.

Police attached to the Mount Druitt Highway Patrol in Sydney were conducting speed enforcement on the M4 motorway on Sunday, June 9, when they detected a white Mazda with multiple occupants travelling at 154kph on lidar.

After the driver, a young man holding a NSW Class C P1 licence was pulled over, he informed police he was rushing to return his friends home by the state-imposed curfew. In NSW, P-platers are not permitted to travel above 90kph and P1 drivers under the age of 25 are not allowed to have more than one passenger under 21 in their vehicles between 11pm and 5am.

The man was issued a penalty notice for exceeding the speed limit by over 45kph and his licence was suspended on the spot for at least six months. However, due to double demerits being in place this long weekend, the driver lost a total of 12 points off his licence, which police say he only held for a month.

In the state, learners and P1 licence holders have a demerit limit of only four points. If motorists commit demerit point offences and reach or go over the four allocated points, their licences will be suspended or Transport for NSW will refuse to renew it for three months.

People online said the driver learned a "costly lesson" the hard way.

"That is using the same logic as driving faster than the speed limit because the car is running low on fuel and you need to get to a service station quickly before it runs out," a person wrote.

"It’s better to be late than speed," a woman said.

"Good work, when will these kids learn. Thank goodness he’s off the roads for now," said another.

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