New P-plater loses licence in less than 24 hours after a range of offences

The police who caught the teen were on their way to urgently transfer organs to save a life.

One newly licensed teen celebrated the milestone displaying total neglect of the road rules after being caught speeding, under the influence, with a car full of people and no P-plates early on Saturday morning.

NSW Police were undertaking an urgent medical transfer, on their way to Campbelltown Hospital to pick up organs that needed immediate transfer, when they were hindered by a Subaru Liberty in front of them, driving erratically down the M5 East Tunnel in Bexley around 4.45am.

After exiting the tunnel, police pulled over the young driver and his four other passengers to find out the 17-year-old had just moved from his L-plates the day before. "It is greatly concerning to police that they were assisting with the transfer of organs and medical staff to assist in saving a life, and they are presented with this severely inexperienced driver not only putting himself at risk but also all of his young passengers," NSW Police said online.

Left image of NSW highway patrol vehicle. Right image of a red P-plate on a car.
A P-plater who got his licence less than 24 hours earlier was found speeding and under the influence by highway patrol trying to urgently get to an organ transfer. Source: Facebook

Laundry list of offences less than 24 hours after getting P-plates

The driver from Yagoona showed his learner's licence to police after being pulled over, stating he was still awaiting his provisional licence card after only obtaining his 'P1' licence less than 24 hours earlier.

The inexperienced, teen driver was arrested and his licence was suspended by police for three months. Police say the penalty notices he received would amount to $1,982 and 10 demerit points alone. Below is what the police reported:

  • Speeding: The male was seen "harshly" accelerating from 80km/h to 117km/h, then dropping back to 60km/h while then moving around within his lane. He has received a penalty notice for exceeding the speed limit by more than 30km/h.

  • Breath test positive: A positive result was returned after being breath tested and the male will now go before the court for the offence of driving under the influence of alcohol.

  • Full car: The car had four other occupants in it, but being under 25, he is not permitted to drive with more than one passenger under the age of 21 between 11pm and 5am.

  • No P-plates: On top of all this, police reported there were no P-plates visible on the car.

Reactions to driver's 'dangerous driving'

Details of the incident were shared by police on Facebook, with people quickly jumping in to scold the "clueless" teen. "Great job, potentially saving another 5 families from having to make that decision to donate their young kids' organs," said one.

"No words. HWP, I think you saved everyone in that car, that night," shared another.

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Not the first P-plater to be scolded online

Earlier this year, a man — who had only been on his provisional licence for six months and wasn't displaying his P-plates — asked for leniency after being penalised $2,616 and six demerit points for exceeding the speed limit by more than 45km/h, and $283 and two demerit points for not displaying his P-plates.

The 19-year-old was detected speeding at 145km/h on a sign-posted 60km/h road and was shown no sympathy after the incident was also shared online by police, who also denied the leniency request.

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