'Some girls think it's wonderful': Senator savaged over wolf-whistle claims

Sam Hussey

Sexual harassment laws are overkill and “some girls” think being wolf-whistled at is wonderful, according to One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts.

The far right Queensland politician sent listeners into a frenzy when a discussion about Australia’s race hate laws on ABC Radio National's drive program changed to the topic of verbal sexual harassment.

Senator Roberts told host Patricia Karvelas that “some girls think that (being wolf-whistled at) is wonderful”.

“Well we know when someone … is a wolf-whistle harassment? It depends upon the person,” he said after being asked if sexual harassment could also be verbal.

“Some girls think that that is wonderful, they, you know, they smile. Others are offended. So, wolf-whistle in one court are we going to outlaw it, and another court we’re going to say it’s fine, a compliment?

e Nation senator Malcolm Roberts said that Australia's sexual harassment laws go too far. Source: AAP

Ms Karvelas went onto ask, “so in that sense you think sexual harassment laws go too far as well?”

Conceding he wasn’t familiar with sexual harassment laws, Senator Roberts replied “when it comes to verbal (sexual harassment), as I said before, yeah (the laws go too far).

Labor MP Linda Burney offered a very stern three-word response to Senator Roberts’ claims – “No they don’t”.

The controversial claims come one day after Senator Roberts said One Nation wants airport security screenings to target immigrants from the Middle East and accused the federal government of prioritising political correctness over Australian lives.

The Senate debated legislation to strengthen aviation security by allowing random screening of airport workers with access to passenger aircraft, as well as their vehicles.

"According to the government, a law-abiding Christian Australian from Toowoomba is considered equally likely to be an airport security threat as the killer of Curtis Cheng," Senator Roberts told parliament on Monday.

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts speaks with Senator Pauline Hanson. Photo: AAP