Olympian's wife shares daughter's final moments as warning to other parents

The wife of Olympic skier Bode Miller has shared a heart-wrenching photo of the couple’s dying daughter in hopes they can prevent other parents from experiencing a similar tragedy.

Morgan Miller shared a photo on Instagram on Friday showing herself weeping as she held 19-month-old Emmy, who was hooked up to wires and tubes in the hospital.

Emeline was found floating in the water of a neighbour’s pool in Orange County, California. She died the following day on June 10.

In the emotional Instagram post she writes she wishes she could have one more day to hold her daughter and she would continue to spread awareness about childhood drownings.

Morgan Miller holds her dying daughter, Emmy, after she was found floating in a neighbour’s pool in California. Source: Instagram/Morgan Miller

“I wish I could have one more day to hold you, but until that day comes, continue to work through me and give me the strength to bring awareness, my love,” the post read.

“I told you as I held you in this moment that you could still change the world, you could still move mountains.”

Ms Miller also paid tribute to three-year-old boy, Levi Hughes, who drowned on the same day her daughter died.

“Every step we take forward is because of you and Levi. Your footprint will forever be left on this world. I love you, My baby girl,” the mother wrote.

Miller (left) poses for a photograph with his daughter, Emmy, at the Tyrol night during the 2017 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. Pictured right is a photo of Emmy shared by her mum. Images: Getty & Instagram / Morgan Miller

The Millers spoke about their daughter’s death on NBC’s Today Show, where Ms Miller revealed the agony she endured every day.

“There is not a day that goes by and I don’t pray for an opportunity to go back to that day and make it different,” she said.

“But now we have the opportunity to make other parents’ days different.”

The Millers, who have two other children and are expecting another, said they were now determined to raise as much awareness as possible about being vigilant around water.