'Oh God': TikTok reveals filthy problem on Sydney trains

A TikTok video of a filthy seat on a Sydney train has disgusted people, and left them wondering what they're actually sitting on.

TikTok user Ryan Wheeler posted a video of the train seat, showing him hitting it repeatedly with a hammer.

As soon as he starts hitting the seat, dust immediately rises from the seats and clouds the area.

A blue Sydney train seat with a hand holding a hammer over it.
The seat on a Sydney train appeared clean before TikToker Ryan Wheeler started hitting the seat with the hammer. Source: TikTok/ Ryan Wheeler

It continues to get thicker and thicker the more he hits it and by the end of the clip almost completely covers the normally blue patterned seats with a layer of thick brown-grey dust.

"Sydney trains clean your f*n seats," he wrote on the TikTok.

Thousands horrified at the state of train seats

In just over a day, the video had thousands of comments, with users revolted at the thought of what they have been sitting on and just how infrequently the seats are actually cleaned.

"Those seats look like they haven't been cleaned in decades," one horrified user commented.

"I feel like I'm breathing in those particles just watching," another wrote.

Trains cleaned daily, Transport NSW says

Transport for NSW issued a statement to Yahoo News Australia assuring people the train seats are cleaned each night.

"All train sets undergo cleaning and sanitising every night once stabled, including seats, floors, windows and all high touch points," a Transport for NSW spokesperson said on Monday.

"In addition, all trains undergo regular scheduled deep cleans."

The department said an extra 2,000 cleaners have been deployed across the network since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 — amounting to an extra four million hours of cleaning.

"Transport for NSW considers cleaning and hygiene important components of our Covid Safe program," the spokesperson said.

"Our cleaning program continues to be reviewed and any additional measures identified as necessary will be carried out."

Some TikTok viewers weren't surprised by the dust express.

"Honestly I’ve contemplated bringing a portable vacuum with me every time I’ve gotten in a train," a user admitted.

Dust covering the train seat while a hammer hits it in the TikTok video.
Dust immediately arose from the seat when the hammer started hitting it. Source: TiKTok

Others questioned how they would expect all the seats on the train to be cleaned.

"Do you expect them to stop the trains to clean the seats every day," one asked.

"The dust on Melbourne trains are visible without having to hit it," observed another.

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