'Off-grid' hits back, says toddler was wearing nappy when she weed on TV studio's floor

The "off-grid parent" whose daughter weed on set during a live breakfast TV interview has hit back at critics and trolls to say the toddler was "wearing a nappy" and sometimes they leak.

Adele Allen was trumpeting her free-range parenting techniques on the UK's This Morning, accompanied by her husband and two children.

Adele, 32, and Matt Allen, 33, are pictured with their five-year-old boy Ulysses and one-year-old girl Ostara. Photo: Bancroft Media

The 32-year-old blogger was discussing the choices she makes for her family – including breastfeeding her fiver-year-old illiterate son Ulysses – when her one-year-old daughter Ostara had a tinkle on the floor.

“We prefer to go the more free-range, natural route," mother Adele was saying.

"There is no need for him to be able to read and write at this age anyway."

Ostara stood incredibly still perched at the top of the studio rug before she began urinating on live TV. Photo: ITV

Viewers were already incredulous with the mother's au natural parenting, but the thought that her daughter was seemingly allowed to answer nature's call whenever and wherever she would like without a nappy was beyond the pale.

Their assumptions were somewhat exaggerated, Adele said.

"Well done to Ulysses and poorly Ostara for putting up with the media chaos today... and Ostara did have a nappy on today but shock horror sometimes they leak!! #‎herecomethetrolls.

The Unconventional Parent responds. Source: Facebook
Adele Allen says her five-year-old Ulysses can chose when he wants to stop breastfeeding. Photo: Getty Images