Oblivious fisherman stands metres from crocs - but would you have spotted them?

An overly keen fisherman has been filmed wetting a line “just metres” from two enormous crocodiles in the Northern Territory’s notorious Cahills Crossing.

Graffiti artist Kaff-eine Paints took her parents out to the crossing near the Kakukda National Park where saltwater crocodiles are known to frequent – but evidently that meant little to one angler determined on reeling in some barramundi.

Footage taken at the scene shows the fisherman standing in ankle-deep water, which is estimated to home as many as 4000 salt water crocs.

A Land Rover passing behind him can be seen coming to a halt when they notice one of them sunning itself on the road, roughly four metres away from the fisherman.

The 4WD passes behind the fisherman before being stopped by one of the crocs. Source: Kaff Eine Paints
Kaff Eine said the crocs were just metres away from the fisherman. Source: Supplied / Kaff Eine Paints

The driver can be seen poking his head out of the window to alert the angler but that did little to deter him.

Kaeffine said what he didn’t realise was that there was a second crocodile submerged just “metres away from his toes”.

“He didn’t even know it was there,” she said.

Shotgun rescue: Tour boat rescues stranded mates

Earlier this year tourists exploring the top end were given one hell of a story to take home after they came across a car trapped on the same crossing.

In May, a tour boat from Guluyambi Culture Cruise came across a stranded Mitsubishi Magna with water pouring into the side of the car.

As their guests sat with “mouths wide open”, tour guides Robbie Narmanyilk and Nik Wheatley jumped into action.

Sergeant Kelly stands guard as another man attaches the tow ropes to the flooded Magna. Source: Reijo Keitaanpaa

About 40 minutes after the driver and passenger were rescued, a group of men, including Gunbalanya officer in charge, Remote Sergeant Scott Lewis, arrived at the scene to remove the stranded vehicle.

Armed with a shotgun, Sergeant Lewis stood in the back of a Landcruiser ute as it reversed into the river, before another man jumped into the croc-infested waters to attach the tow ropes.

In 2007, a 47-year-old man was killed wading through the waters. Two women raised the alarm before police found his body about two kilometres downstream.

A 3.3 metre crocodile, which was found close to the man’s body, was shot and killed.