Overweight fishmonger reveals the one type of seafood that saw him lose 67kg

A young Western Australian fishmonger weighing more than 155 kilograms has revealed how eating a certain type of seafood saved his life.

Sport and work had always been a struggle for Sam Paino but when his heavy build started interrupting basic day-to-day tasks, he knew something had to change.

“One day I was getting out of my van and I couldn't even get out, my stomach was hitting my steering wheel and it really hit home,” he told Today Tonight.

The 26-year-old said people would always say “ohh my god Sam, you need to lose some weight”.

Sam Paino weighed 155 kilograms at just 26-years-old. Source: Today Tonight

“It’s not a very good image to portray, looking big and selling clean healthy seafood,” he said.

After a life of fluctuating weight, he decided the answer to his weight problems was right in front of him.

“Was that really me? How did I let myself get to that stage?” he added.

“I thought - I own a fish shop why don’t I try that.”

Now able to run and exercise with ease, he said his standard of living has improved out of sight. Source: Today Tonight

Despite being a fishmonger, Sam rarely ate his own produce, but overnight he introduced salmon to his diet - and lots of it.

“It was as simple as that - just salmon, veggies, salad and water, I stuck to that for eight-months and it was just falling off like you would not believe, and I thought ‘right this is all I’m gonna eat,” he revealed.

He's not exaggerating, eating 14 serves of salmon a week along with daily exercise and the Perth man lost 16 kilograms in the first four weeks.

Sam now eats 14 serves of salmon a week. Source: Today Tonight

While a 500 metre jog use to leave him feeling breathless and exhausted, he can now run five or six kilometres with ease.

Eight months into his self-designed diet, Sam has lost 67 kilograms and he’s kept it off.

And as an added bonus, he said his story has seen salmon sales at his family's business skyrocket.

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