Young boy killed in pedestrian crash
Young boy killed in pedestrian crash

Exactly two weeks before Christmas, a little boy has died on his way to kindergarten, after being hit by a car in Sydney's southwest.

Paramedics say the five-year-old's death is a tragic reminder for all drivers to be more careful.

In an instant, the lives of two Kingsgrove families have been shattered.

"I'm just so devastated what's happened. I just cannot believe that such a thing like this could happen,” godfather Angelo Defilice said.

"He was just a perfect little boy, he was so well behaved.”

"The little boy wanted to drive to school today, but the mother decided to walk, and this is what's happened."

Five-year-old Kevin was walking to kindy with his mum, brother, and little sister in the pram when he stepped onto Vivienne Street, and was knocked down by the turning black Audi.

“(She) watched the traffic but not seen the boy was on the corner and she's accidentally hit him,” one witness said.

They were 300 metres from the school gate, outside its school zone. Neighbours heard the screams.

“I saw the mother cry, all the people cry really, the kid's just down," neighbour Nick Tserpes said.

In the car, was a 42-year-old woman with her 14 and 11-year-old sons.

Inspector Malcolm Hersee from the New South Wales Ambulance Service was a very distressing scene.

Paramedics say the death of 5yo Kevin is a tragic reminder for all drivers to be more careful. Photo: 7News

“As you can imagine, there was the mother of the deceased child with her own children, and obviously the driver with children.”

Kevin was taken to St George hospital, but his head injuries were too severe. His mother has been treated for shock.

The driver has been taken for compulsory blood and urine tests her car taken away for further investigation by police.

Paramedics warn school holidays are a dangerous time.

"Think of your own children, think of other people's children and just take that little bit of extra care," Inspector Malcolm Hersee said.

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